Music for Remembrance and Celebration. A concert of music by Henry Purcell and Claudio Monteverdi

December 1st 2011 – Christ Church, Derry/Londonderry

Sestina - From Darkness into Light: Music by Purcell and Monteverdi

Henry Purcell

Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary

O Dive Custos

An Evening Hymn

By Beauteous Softness (From Now does the Glorious Day Appear: Birthday ode for Queen Mary)

Hush, no more (From The Fairy Queen)

Claudio Monteverdi

Lagrime d’Amante al Sepolcro dell’Amata

Sesto libro de madrigali, Venezia 1614

Christe adoramus te

 Girolamo Frescobaldi  Toccata I 

Claudio Monteverdi

Il secondo libro di toccate

Laudate dominum omnes gentes 

I bei legami

Delle bellezze

Chiome d’oro

Settimo libro de madrigali, Venezia 1619

Lidia spina

Scherzi musicali-book 1

Si dolce e il tormento

Quarto scherzo delle ariose vaghezze, Venezia 1624

 Damigella tutta bella

Canzonette e scherzi musicali, Venezia 1607